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What is Activitots?

Activitots is a multi-sport class designed specifically with toddlers in mind.

With over a decade of experience between them, sisters, Sally & Sarah have put together a programme of sports classes that aims to offer a structured, fun and very energetic introduction to a variety of sports.

Why offer just one sporting option to such young children? Why not expose them to different options and let them discover where their sporting heart and mind lie.

As well as playing football, basketball, rugby, hockey, tennis or cricket;
each week the classes will include games designed to:
* develop fine motor skills *
* refine gross motor skills *
* improve balance & co-ordination *
* practise colour recognition *
* run, run, run *

It is thought that if the major gross motor skills, like throwing and catching, are not developed by the time a child is 5 years old then it will be much harder for them to pick up these skills later on in life.
The NHS guidelines recommend 3 hours of physical activity for children under 5 years old.
So there really isn't a better time to get them started than right now!

Our classes are aimed at children between the ages of 2 and 4 years old.
We currently run classes in Chelmsford, Galleywood, Great Baddow and Hutton.

Classes are £6 per session, booked in half term blocks plus a £10 joining fee with first booking.

Sports covered in Activitots classes

Hockey Basketball Tennis Cricket Football Rugby Athletics

Gross motor skills practised

Running Jumping Catching Throwing Kicking Balls Bat & Ball Skills Hand Eye Coordination Balance Colour Recognition

Activitots Class Structure

Warm up - using our yoga stretching techniques
Running Races - to get the heart pumping (all kids love this part!)
Game - High intensity cardio work out
Sports - we rotate around 3 activities and practise our sport
Tidy up - if only they loved doing this as much at home
Cool down - winding down the session calmly
Stickers - because who doesn't love a sticker

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Having a structured activity class for young children is very important. Each week there will be a warm up, a main activity section and a cool down. The main activity section will focus on a different sport to allow the children the opportunity to try out and find their own sporting preferences.

The warm up is designed to help the children stretch and prepare the body and mind for physical activity. In the cool down we will use some young yoga poses to help the children relax and recognise the session is coming to an end.

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Activitots has been a great success with our son William; he has really enjoyed learning different sports and having fun with other children. Such a great way to encourage them to try new things as well as help with their development


mum to William (age 2)

My daugther thoroughly enjoys Activitots; she gets to learn and experience a variety of sports to gain different skills


mum to Molly (age 3)

Freddie loves Activitots. It is great to give him an early introduction to so many different sports - I doubt very much we would have thought to send him to cricket lessons but he really took to it. We are excited to find out what else he might enjoy


mum to Freddie (age 2 1/2)

Our sons get bored with the same sport week in week out. Activitots allows them to experience a variety of sports and develop their gross motor skills in a fun and enjoyable way.


mum to William and Oscar (twins age 2)