Is your tot an Activitot?

Energetic and structured multisport classes for 2-5 year olds


Level 1
Running Tots

2 – 3yrs

A basic introduction to fundamental skills that are essential for early physical development. Skills covered include running, jumping, ball rolling, balance, ball kicking.; as well as a first look at our key sports. This class is a great way to build your little one’s confidence and practice gross motor skills together.

This is our entry level class for beginners. Children should be confidently walking and running, but no other skills are required to start our first class. Adult participation is required to help your child learn new skills and handle new equipment.

If you have an active toddler and you feel your child is ready slightly before the age of 2, book a trial and talk to the coaches, we appreciate that all children develop at different ages.


Level 2
Jumping Tots

3 – 4yrs

A structured class designed to enable your child to develop a fundamental basis of core skills through sport-based activities. Over a term your child will use a range of equipment associated with the following sports to practice key skills: football, rugby, hockey, cricket, tennis, basketball and athletics.

Colour recognition and colour matching, as well as counting are introduced alongside the physical skills in this class.

Level 1 class is not a pre-requisite for our classes; but children should be able to listen and follow instructions to join in our Level 2 class. Some adult participation will still be required in this class, however the class is run with progressions designed to get the children ready to partake independently in the activities.


Level 3
Leaping Tots

4 – 6yrs

Having run and jumped through our Level 1 & Level 2 class your little one should now be ready to independently join in our Level 3 classes. A wide range of sport based equipment and terminology will be used to cement their introduction to our 6 key sports. Children will be expected to interact with other children and practice skills independently.

Problem solving skills are introduced in Level 3 classes to prepare them for team game playing as they progress further in sports.

Parents are not required to participate, but must remain on site for the duration of the class. By the end of the Level 3 classes your little one should have a basic grasp of all the sports and enough experience to be able to demonstrate skills from each of the key sports.

About Activitots

Activitots is a multi-sport class designed to:

  • Foster a love of physical activity in children
  • Develop and define gross and fine motor skills
  • Build confidence and social skills
  • Improve balance and coordination
  • Showcase a variety of sports
  • Include colour recognition & counting
  • Be fun, varied and energetic


Q: How long are classes?
A: 40 minutes

Q: What shall my child wear?
A: Trainers and clothes to run around in

Q: What shall I bring?
A: Bring a water bottle and a snack for after?

Q: What is included in the membership fee?
A: A water bottle and a T-shirt

Q: Is parent participation required?
A: Yes, for Level 1 & 2

Q: Are siblings welcome?
A: Yes, everyone is welcome

Let’s Get Children Moving Together

As well as running our much loved classes we can bring the Activitots & ActiviKids fun to you. See below for more details on how you can help us to enable children to embark on healthy and active lives.

Together we can help get the nation’s children moving.

After School Clubs

After school clubs are the perfect way to stretch legs and exercise tired brains after a long day at school.

For Reception to Year 2 children, the after school club is an extension of our Activitots multisport programme. We continue to offer a variety of skills and sports to children to enable them to find their sporting passion.

For children in Years 3 to 6, the after school clubs run our popular ActiviKids multigame programme. The emphasis of the club is more weighted towards team games. As well as our key sports we introduce dodgeball and our well loved playground game series.

If you would like us to come into your school please get in contact.

Contact Us

Pre-School Sessions

We transport all of our equipment and all of the fun to bring Activitots into your Pre-School.

Our specially adapted Pre-School programme has been modified to maximise the skills we can practise in the minimal spaces available on site.

This is a great way to bring some high energy sessions into your setting and help develop the gross motor skills of the little ones in your care; forming a solid foundation for PE lessons for the children as they head into big schools.

If you would like to talk to us about coming into your Pre-School follow the link below.

Contact Us


Me and my girls have been attending the Activitots classes now for almost 2 years and they love it. Today, Pete hosted our daughter’s 4th birthday party and he totally smashed it. A room of 3/4 year olds all having a complete blast. Pete well and truly held their attention for an hour, no small feat! A fabulous way to celebrate our daughter turning 4 we couldn’t recommend Pete enough! A big thank you from us all.

Amy, Danbury

My son absolutely loved this class. The variety of sports the children get to try is great. The teachers also encourage counting and recognising colours such a brilliant class for both boys and girls

Claire, Chelmsford